We Popped Up!

We Popped Up!

Hello, hello neighbors!

Last week we hosted our first ever Pop-Up Shop Party and it was an incredible success! We know everyone who wanted to be there couldn't, so we're sharing pics! We put so much love into all the right details and our time planning behind the scenes really paid off! Whitehorse Coffee & Creamery in Jenkintown were our gracious hosts (love us some women who show up for other women- thanks, Jean!), and the vibe was complimented by the team from The Hippie Brand, who were also selling some goodies. 

In thinking about what we accomplished, one joy of last week was how absolutely awesome it was to see proof that Grant Blvd could bring together so many people around the need for unique, more sustainable approaches to fashion. Beyond that, it was also really inspiring to see such a diverse collection of people come together, all of whom are excited to support returning citizens. The energy was insane! 


All that said, we sold quite a lot of our inventory in those two hours, so please stay tuned for updates- our team is cooking up something fresh for the spring! We are so grateful for your support and for your business!




Founder/CEO, Grant Blvd

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