How are your fabrics sourced? 

In alignment with our firm commitment to sustainability, all of our garments are produced using reclaimed fabrics. The designs in our Fall '18 collection are made using discarded/donated men's shirts, because why not? While our screen printed garments are created by a Philadelphia based screen printing company, one who shares our commitment to sustainable sourcing. We salvage fabrics in excellent condition (sweatshirts, tee shirts, thermal shirts) from local thrift stores, and then re-imagine them into new garments. Why? Because this deeply personal, hand picked process allows us to guarantee that you get garments you can feel great about because they create no new waste, use no new water, and no new chemical processes. What's more, no one will ever have the exact same garment as you do. In other words, they meet our definition of being sustainability & high quality fashion. 


What should I keep in mind about these kinds of fabrics?

We'll, we'd like you to keep in mind that because we're using fabrics that already exist, every now and again their are minor imperfections and we mean very minor. Sometimes they are fabrics that may have a teeny, tiny spot of color imperfection or where the original sizing was off. We adjust for these things to make sure that you're absolutely getting what you pay for.

How long will it take to get my order?
Each garment is one of kind and each will be made available to our customers as soon as production is complete. What does this mean? You better hurry :) Once you've made our purchase, garments ship in less than 1 week.  

Where are Grant Blvd clothes made?
We design, cut and sew every single piece in our collection in Philadelphia, PA. We never outsource production overseas and our lead designer sees to it that every single piece meets our high production standards before they're packaged for shipping.