Introducing GB Home & Hospitality

Introducing GB Home & Hospitality


Local businesses survive when they get innovative about growth & partnership, and we're no different! As a part of our evolution we're excited to launch our new division, GB Home & Hospitality. This arm of our B Corp aims to expand our company’s ability to create living wage work for women in the typically outsourced textile arts.

The handmade pieces, each handcrafted with skill and designed for impact, are made in accordance with our commitment to sustainable design. Specifically, they are made using a zero waste approach to patternmaking, a design technique that eliminates textile waste at the design stage. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), landfills received 11.3 million tons of textile waste in 2018. Grant Blvd’s approach seeks to reduce just how much textile waste ends up in our landfills.

The significance of the launch this week is especially of note: it marks the beginning of Manufacturing Week, which takes place from October 7 to October 14. This week-long celebration aims to honor the contributions of the manufacturing sector by sharing information about all the work the sector has done in the last year and its impact on the country’s economy. One thing that we're particularly committed to is making sure the growth of the Philadelphia’s economy is inclusive of criminal system impacted women, many of which are mothers and deserving of living wage employment. 

One of our first partners is the South Philly Food Co-Op who have been incredible collaborators. 

"We are proud to partner with Grant Blvd as they debut their new aprons that align perfectly with our mission. Hand sewn by women in Philadelphia, using sustainable materials, their business model vision is using design to create living wage jobs for women returning from prison and through workforce development initiatives, prevent recidivism. Grant Blvd + SPFC aprons are a force for good! By purchasing one for yourself or a loved one (great gift idea!), you're not only supporting the Co-op but you're advancing social justice in a meaningful way,” says Lori Burge, General Manager of South Philly Food Co-op.

The South Philly Food Co-op is a grocery store owned by its members — a community of people who believe in their own ability to create change. As a brand that shares their mission, creating these handcrafted, durable, thoughtfully designed aprons was a joy. This partnership is a continuation of a journey for Grant Blvd. We began by shifting momentum in the fashion space and now we’re ready to extend that shift to the culture of textile production within the food and hospitality sector. The South Philly Food Co-Op is now a part of that journey and their enthusiasm for our vision has just been unbelievable.

As we look ahead, we're so excited to partner with food & beverage brands citywide to grow our new Home & Hospitality division. If you’re interested in getting aprons or other table linens made for your culinary business that are in line with your favorite company’s mission and values, you can inquire via email at


The South Philly Food Co-Op is South Philly Food Co-op is South Philly’s only community-owned grocery store. It offers fresh, local foods and serves as a hub for their South Philly community. The Co-op is cooperatively owned and democratically controlled by a community of South Philly neighbors. By leveraging their combined purchasing power, they’re taking ownership of their local economy by keeping their hard-earned dollars right at home. They are committed to sharing honest information about their values, products, and prices. All are welcome to shop at South Philly Food Co-op, you don’t have to be a member. Follow on Instagram @spfoodcoop or visit:

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