It's Time to Demand More.

Does criminal justice reform, specifically the fight to end mass incarceration fit into the world of sustainable fashion?  For us, and women like us, the intersections are clear. Here's how: the American criminal justice system currently holds nearly 6.5 million people in its claws. That metaphor is not hyperbolic. Sadly, it's both purposeful and accurate. Our criminal system imprisons more people per capita than any other country in the entire world and it, this system of warehousing humans, costs our country billions of dollars.  And more often than most of us know, incarcerated people create millions of dollars for corporations, sometimes, ironically enough- in manufacturing.

That said, when these citizens return to their (our) communities after having served their time (and 95% of them will), many of them can’t get jobs. There are a number of reasons for this and one of them is simply employment discrimination. Many employers are suspicious of the character of formerly incarcerated people, and others are disinterested in dealing with the traumas some of them have to overcome. 

I, for one, am particularly concerned about what this means for other women, 80% of which are mothers. This has created a complex set of struggles for returning citizens, creating obstacles when it comes to finding employment, finding housing, and being reunified with their children. My ambition as CEO is to provide these folks with more of what they need, first by creating jobs in sustainable manufacturing and then by supporting them in the ways that research and wisdom say are best. 

I am so excited about the unique vision I have for creating a company that works for them, as well as for designing stylish, sustainably sourced garments that work for YOU and women like you- women inspired to take action, women inspired to be the change

Something tells me that this is going to be a win-win-win...


Kimberly McGlonn, 

CEO& Founder, Grant Blvd

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