earth bae: a playlist

earth bae: a playlist

The purpose of this playlist was to celebrate our home, our Earth, but I realized it's actually quite difficult to find a plethora of songs that both explicitly relate to this message and are enjoyable for an everyday listen when you're home. I mean, home is where it all starts- it's where we aspire to find moments to take care of ourselves and those we love, where we create, where we try to find peace. To cultivate this list, I pulled from voices that I would want to listen to if I was on a long drive, if I wanted to let my mind drift away, that I'd find joy in singing along to. I chose from artists that I knew would give us messages that travel across generations and have the power to remind you of the simple things that we all dream of and that bring us all together.


Words & Playlist by: 

Cassandra Lopez


Cover Photo by:

Madelynne Juenger



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