We've Got a New Partner!

We've Got a New Partner!

We’re SO incredibly excited to announce that we’re now partnering with Philadelphia’s Project HOME to find pathways to sustainable employment opportunities for members of their community, specifically persons who experience chronic homelessness. 

Since its beginning in 1989, Project HOME has been a leader in providing comprehensive and effective services to those struggling to find affordable housing, and with an unyielding commitment to the dignity of each person, they’ve developed nationally recognized programs that have proven that homelessness can be solved. This is why they’re a leader in Philadelphia in responding to the root causes of homelessness and by engaging in political advocacy to bring about positive public policies for low-income and homeless persons. We’re with them in understanding that “None of us are home, until all of us are home” and excited to collaborate when it comes to our hiring needs. 

Want to know more or to find a pathway to supporting their work in this unsettling moment? They could use your help now as much as ever! Visit: www.projecthome.org


Words by: Kimberly McGlonn

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