QTs with Graphic Designer, Madelynne Juenger, on How She Uses Her Superpowers to Spread Joy

QTs with Graphic Designer, Madelynne Juenger, on How She Uses Her Superpowers to Spread Joy

Whether you realize it or not, you consume imaging everyday. It’s in the movies you watch, the food you choose to buy, the article you click on because it seems interesting, and, of course, the clothes you wear. Frankly, in a capitalist society, a lot of those images want you to reach in your pockets. For this reason, the fashion industry and advertisement has been given the MO of being superficial, and in some cases rightfully so. However, Madelynne Juenger’s graphic designs are anything but. 

Her main goal: to give out pockets full of sunshine that educate, inspire, and uplift. 

Cassie: Hey, girl, hey! So tell me a bit about yourself. What were some of your early inspirations, or advice, or experiences that pushed you to pursue a career in the arts?

Madelynne: Totally! I was always really interested in storytelling. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to translate that into a career until I went to Drexel University. As I learned about colors and textures I found that graphic design felt like the ultimate form of communication. I get to be in complete control of the tone and essence of my work. It’s like having a superpower that allows me to make people feel good and optimistic!

Cassie: I love that! So, what kind of visuals do you design for Grant BLVD?

Madelynne: I contribute graphics for social media and designs for the website. Doing the different lookbooks is so much fun for me too because I can look at the clothing first and see what vibe they naturally give off. Then, I’ll move things around to translate it into a collection of  images that feel light and fun and lively.  I remember working closely with Kimberly and she said, “it’s like playing together in a pastel playground of clothing.” 

Cassie: I can definitely see you have a real talent for making your art feel like sunshine in a bottle. Even from the first time I went onto the Grant BLVD website I felt this very fresh and youthful energy. With that in mind, what do you hope to achieve and communicate with your visuals for Grant Blvd?

Madelynne: Well I started working with the brand about two years ago. I remember being so excited to be able to push forward something that was so deeply rooted in optimism. I am so proud of the message and activism we are both relaying and encouraging, but at times it can feel kind of heavy. So, I find it really interesting to design infographics that are accessible and educational in a tangible way. I want people to become aware of injustice in our prison systems and the dangers facing our Earth, but I also want them to feel hopeful and empowered to do something. 

Cassie: I think that's a really great point. Creating a community that promotes the idea of everyone being in constant education seems like a key component to your work. What has working for Grant Blvd made you more aware of around issues of sustainability, of fashion, of justice- about anything, really?

Madelynne: It’s crazy, I didn't even learn about sustainable fashion until my freshman year of college. My roommate introduced me to Kimberly and it all kinda started from there. Learning about how things can be made safely from sustainably sourced fabrics, as well as what materials I should stay away from made me more conscious of my impact. I honestly didn't know much about our prison system either. Kimberly and I sat down and watched these two great documentaries on Netflix, The True Cost and 13th, that really helped to open my eyes. I mean, I'm still reading and learning. It felt so disheartening to finally be aware but have no idea how to do anything about it. That’s why it’s so nice being at Grant BLVD because I know I’m doing my part in the ways I know how.

Cassie: Wow. So to tie everything together, what would your personal mission statement be? If not that, what's one of your personal slogans/mottos?

Madelynne: Whatever I make I want it to have a sense of joy. I live by that. I want to make people happy, and if I can help anyone out in a small way then that’s what I want to do. 

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